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The Butterfly Stage

When we talk about falling in love, we often refer to that part of the relationship as the butterflies-in-your-tummy stage, when all the birds are singing and rainbows follow you wherever you go. Yet, when it comes to motherhood, there are literal butterflies in your tummy that far outshine any figurative ones you’ve ever known.

I can remember the first flutters that I felt coming from inside of me. It was the first time that I knew the presence of life within. Other than sickness and a picture on the sonogram screen, this was the first real knowledge of all that was to come. This was the first meeting of my baby girl that no one in the world would ever experience in the same way.

As she grew, those flutters quickly turned to swirls and kicks, to jumping jacks and acrobatics I didn’t know were possibly in such a confined space. Yet, even in the sometimes-physical discomfort, there was a whole other comfort and surety that all was well within when I felt her little life move.

As mothers, those first flutters are proof to us of life. They are the first real, tangible signs that we can feel, and they are glorious reminders of promises to come.

Maybe you’re a mother who remembers those sweet butterflies, and yet you find yourself awaiting “proof of life” in other areas. You’re certain there is a promise on the way, but there is nothing yet that you can feel or see to confirm that.

Today, I am praying for your movements to come. I am praying with you, and for myself, that God would begin to give us signs of life in areas that seem barren, and in places that seem forgotten and desolate. That out of this sisterhood would be birthed world-changing visions, hearts that are full of hope to give to a world that’s lost theirs, and love that crosses every social climate, every party line and every racial stereotype. I am believing for those flutters to begin to rise from within and stir life again and for us to remember it was He who birthed us with all of those visions, passions and life, long before ours was even formed. May your heart begin to flutter with every bit of purpose you were created for, and may you conquer every territory you were meant to possess. Life is within!

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