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Week 2 of advent focuses on Peace. Today started off quietly with my coffee and my Word, but soon got to be busy. I had company and we drank coffee together and chatted. I would not have changed that, but my morning blog has turned into a late night one. As the day has settled down, I bring my mind back to this coming week’s focus—Peace. The words of Isaiah ring in my ears as he prophesies about the Messiah, the prince of peace.

I am so glad that this week, when I am challenged with chaos, I can focus on Peace. When I am faced with turmoil, I can be an agent of peace. I can choose to let the prince of peace captivate my heart and soul and settle me. I learned a long time ago, that many of the external situations of my life are not within my control. If I have internal peace, however, I can deal with all the external things so much better.

Peace truly is a gift. Like any package, we must unwrap the gift to see what is inside and claim it for our own. Unwrap God‘s peace this week and thank Him for this gift He so graciously gives to each of us. Be blessed Sisters!

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