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The Keys to Transformation

It is no secret that we serve a transformative God! He is able to restore and renew any person and any situation for His glory, but we often get in the way of what He is wanting to do in and through our lives! Why is that? Because transformation is not always pretty or glamorous. Here are a few uncanny tips on how you can dive into God’s transformative power to see awesome change in your life!

  1. Get Desperate

I just heard a sermon by Ali Buras about how we need to get to a place of desperation for God to move in our lives. I believe that if you want to see the effects of God’s transformative power in your life, you need be desperate for change. If you are holding onto the old, you will not be ready for the new. When you get desperate for change, you open yourself up to all God wants to do in your life.

  1. Give Up

A “can do” attitude is great for fixing something broken in your house but not always great for fixing what is broken in our hearts and minds. We are flawed people (that is definitely not a secret), and we often try to fix our flaws on our own. It is important that we humble ourselves before the Holy Spirit and recognize that we need His help to overcome what holds us back from transformation. When we lean into the Holy Spirit, his strength is made perfect in our weakness!

  1. Be Ruthless

Every time that God has transformed my life it has come when I was in a mindset of change at any cost! I have had to be ruthless with the habits in my life that have prevented life change! To many it may have looked extreme, but I knew what it was going to take to truly see transformation realized in my life. When you decide you are ready for breakthrough, get ruthless in your pursuit of life change and watch how God will use that!

Are you ready for the hard and sometimes messy work of transformation? The end result is always glorious, but the road is often rough. Though this is true, when we commit to the journey, anything is possible through Jesus!

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