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The Shape of Honor

Happy Saturday, Sisterhood!

I have no idea why I’m ever surprised when God’s Word ministers to me. Silly girl, it is ALL God-breathed, and is useful at ALL times. And it’s a wonderful discovery EVERY time <3

Can I share something with you? This past week, I was tested by a tough conversation. I began it with a framework of truth and grace and had even prayed about it prior--all great foundations. But somewhere in the middle, it started to unravel. I remember looking at my phone thinking ‘what is going on? Is this really happening?’ I was applying all the right principles and yet this person responded contrary to how I thought they would/should. Finally, that pivotal moment came- that part when you decide who gets the victory. I choose Jesus. Hold the applause. Seriously.

As I reflected on it afterwards, I realized that ‘truth and grace’ were still MY way of handling it. I shudder to think that I could have continued to dole out exactly what this person needed to be told. After all, aren’t we supposed to hold each other accountable? Aren’t we all part of that Iron Sharpens Iron Club? I’ll get to that in a moment.

As I read through Proverbs 20, 3 scriptures stood out to me and I don’t think it was a mistake or coincidence. Let’s lean in:

'A person of honor will put an argument to rest. Only the stupid want to pick a fight.

Lovers of God have been given eyes to see with spiritual discernment and ears to hear from God.

You may have an abundance of wealth, piles of gold and jewels, but there is something of far greater worth: speaking revelation words of knowledge.'

Proverbs 20:3,12,15 TPT

In that brief discussion, I had a choice to make: Did I want to BE right or maintain the RIGHT posture of honor? I’m talking about honoring the person whose life I had the opportunity to speak into. What we speak has a far greater impact than we think. I don’t want to be a woman of wasteful words that have no eternal value or impact. I want to be a woman that God uses to SOW revelation words of knowledge into people’s lives. If our ears are tuned into the Holy Spirit, we KNOW when it’s time to stop trying to win an argument. When our eyes are focused on Jesus, He’ll SHOW us when to apply honor to help “shape” someone’s life as opposed to trying to “sharpen” it. Even if it means they don’t get it just yet. Especially then. I wonder how many times someone did that for me.

‘A person of honor will put an argument to rest.’ (vs 3) That action requires strength. Ladies, we don’t possess that on our own. We need Jesus. I need Jesus. We are never more like Christ, than when we choose to see, hear, or speak in a way that honors the very people He sent His Son to die for. We are also never more opposed to the culture of the world than when we honor each other. Let’s ask God to help our eyes and ears to be open. Let’s ask Him to help us guard our words. He’ll do it. I’m praying for you today. If no one’s told you yet today: you are seen; you are heard; and you are loved!!

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