Throwback for the Way Back ;)

Hey there Sisterhood!

I don’t often participate in Throwback Thursday, but today, let’s!!

I am tickled by the posts on social media where people will dig back into a period of their life from the past and display photos of life events. It’s especially fun to see the fashion and hair changes :)

In our Christian world, we use the analogy of a rear view mirror and a windshield to keep us focused on what’s in front of us and not what’s in the past-and I get it. The apostle Paul tells us “forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.” [Phil 3:13 NLT]

This morning, though, I’m reminded that sometimes it’s necessary for us to REMEMBER the past. Why? Because sooner or later, we will find ourselves in a place of scarcity, a desert, a valley, a wilderness-take your pick. It’s in those times when we need to remind ourselves about the God we serve. Let me take it a step further. Maybe we’re at a point when we don’t even know any more if serving God is worth it. Yikes--too far?

Here’s what I know: In those hard moments, I need to be reminded. Not because I’m a forgetful person, but because there’s something about human nature that makes us want to withdraw from family, church & God. We don’t want to be around people who ‘have it all together’ and can tell you how big God is in their lives- who are smiling and happy. We don’t want to read our bible. [Did any of you just read the last couple of sentences and think it sounds like the dumbest thing ever??] Like, we’re really not those kind of people… ummm, I’ll be the first to raise my hand up because as horrible as it sounds-it’s true. I have been guilty of it. But-what has to resound louder than the voice that says to retreat is the one that tells me to re-member. See what I did with the word? It means to come back to the body (of Christ). Come back to the One who is faithful; the One who does not fail; the One who is omnipresent and WITH us through it and in it. I need to remember the times when God provided financially. I need to remember when God healed me of sickness-and oh how He has! I need to be reminded that Father God wrapped me in His arms when I was emotionally devastated. I need to be reminded that my sinful self was brought back into right standing with God because of Jesus.

Sisters, I need a little Throwback in my life sometimes. I’m willing to bet, you do, too. Let’s make a promise to each other today: If you need help remembering, I’m here. And if I need you… you help me. SISTERHOOD is the way we’re gonna get through this wonderful God-given journey!!!

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