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This is one of my favorite pictures of me as a child

I love the social media campaign of "Throwback Thursday." I love seeing people's old pictures and sharing memories and such. Can I challenge you today to consider a spiritual "Throwback Thursday" in your life?

When I was around the age of the picture above, I remember my grandmother often saying "Jesus is coming back and we need to have our bags packed, standing on the front porch, waiting for Him." As a child clearly I did not understand metaphors or Biblical prophecy. Therefore I packed a lil bag one day and stood on the front porch and waited for Jesus. Me, my little suitcase, and my stuffed dog. Just waiting. Obviously He didn't come back that day, but I was eager and ready.

When I think back to that moment and that season in my life, I think of the way that I lived with a child-like faith and eagerness. Jesus was worth the wait and the attention. I wanted nothing more than to hang out with Him. I was willing to give up my time to play in order to be ready when He came. Sometimes I need to be reminded that those things are still true. Sometimes I need to be reminded that waiting on Jesus is more important than my to-do list or my Netflix queue. Sometimes I need to pause and think back on the things He has done and rekindle my fire and fan the flame of love that I have for Him.

There's a practice in the Old Testament that I absolutely adore. Time and time again we see people have an encounter with God or witness a miracle and immediately they stop and build an altar in worship and remembrance. When the Israelites crossed the Jordan they picked up stones for an altar before they even finished crossing. This allowed them to thank the Lord and worship Him in the moment, but it also stood as a reminder long term of what the Lord has done. And when they come back across these altars they are reminded of the Lord's goodness, faithfulness, miracles, encounters, etc. (I also believe they did this so that on Thursdays they could Throw-it-Back and remember Him....... Kidding!!)

What do you need to Throw-It-Back to today and remember that the Lord has done in your life or spoken to you? (Feel free to comment below and share your own Throwback Thursdays.

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Morgan Fulton
Morgan Fulton

Why do I have a little dance dress almost exactly like that??? So cute!

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