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Transformation Tuesday-From a little to a lot

As I was reading this morning in the the book of Matthew, I came across two very familiar stories of Jesus feeding the 5000 and the 4000 (plus women and children). The thought hit me like a ton of bricks—as if this was a new idea—Jesus took what little was offered and turned it into something great! Hear me out, I know you are thinking, really?


LORD, I AM NOT ENOUGH........................

This answer is given to almost every request I have every heard

Q-Can you open your home to a small group?

A- NO Where I live is not enough

Q-Can you bring food to a needing family?

A-NO. I can’t cook good enough

Q-Can you talk with this person about_____?

A-NO I’m not smart enough

Q-Could you...?


Q-Can you...?


Q-Will you......?


You get the picture? I want to encourage us that Jesus took what was OFFERED, and asked for DIVINE INTERVENTION and a MIRACLE happened!!

As long as we are willing to offer our “little”to be used by Jesus, He is faithful to multiply that into something great, useful, and needed. And, to overflowing!

Can I urge you (and me) to stop using the excuse of “I’m not enough” to “Lord, I’m willing and I know you are MORE than enough”. It is not about me, except to offer. The rest is up to Him!

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