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Understanding Advent

Most of you would agree that every family has some sort of Christmas tradition. Some have live trees, others do not. Some have a special place where the tree sits every year, others don’t even have a tree. Wreaths, crèches, stockings, ornaments, cookies, cocoa, fudge....even elves have made an appearance in recent years. Whatever you do or do not do, each of us make preparations for THE day, December 25th.

I never really understood the word advent. The more I understand about it, the more I want to incorporate it every year as part or our family tradition. Advent means the arrival of a notable person, event, or thing. In Christian theology it means the coming or second coming of Christ.

The advent wreath made its appearance in the early 1900’s here in America. The circle of the wreath represents the infinite love of God, the evergreen leaves represent the eternal life that Jesus gives and the 4 candles represent each Sunday in December leading up to Christmas Day.

The first week of advent focuses on the HOPE that Christmas brings

This week, let HOPE be your focus: the hope we have in Christ Jesus for us individually, and the hope we can bring to the world around us as His ambassadors, the hope that we have for the salvation, healing, deliverance, from the Savior of the World to our world.

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