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The Bible Screams

The Lord instructs Godly community. It is woven throughout the Old and New Testament. From God being a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day, he shielded his people and protected them. Seeing their needs and meeting them in very tangible ways. To in the New Testament, Jesus walking with His disciples, teaching them and actively living out what He commanded them to do. The Bible screams of community and then teaches how to live it out.

How beautiful is that??

I think it's really easy to get caught up in what is easy or convenient instead of actively pursuing what the Bible teaches us to do. We look for scripture that meets our needs in the moment instead of reading the Bible as a whole and trying to figure out how to live it out fully.

I was sitting with my husband the other day, talking about our friendships that we have and was challenged by the fact that I don't care enough for my brothers and sisters in Christ. The fact that when I see someone sick or hurting that I don't necessarily rush to meet a physical need like bringing dinner over or volunteering to watch their children.

I asked myself the question, "Why don't I do that?" The real answer is that it's hard and would take a lot of sacrifice. I make the excuse of "well my children need me to put them down for bed and I need to be there to fix their dinner" , which is all true. But how beautiful for my children to see me live out what the Bible tells us to? What if I would bring my children into it and we would make a meal together for someone in need?

We could start teaching our children and those around us what actively living out the Word of God commands us to do. To love those around us, to care for those in need, and to sacrifice a convenient life for one that looks more like Jesus.

That's how Godly community is formed-through the sacrifice of God's people!

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