We are all called!

Matthew 28 all those who call themselves Jesus followers to make disciples of all nations. In short, there is a mandate on all of us to be missional. But what does that look like to the every day person? Here are some quick tips for how you can be missional in your every day life.

1. Define your mission field. Who is God calling you to reach specifically? It could be your children, coworkers, or even your neighbors. Identify the Gospel need around you.

2. Pray for your mission field every day. Pray for their salvation, pray that God would cause you to love them as He does, pray that God would give you opportunities to share truth with them.

3. Share! Make it a point to have a God conversation with someone in your mission field at least once a week. Some people strive to have God conversations everyday. Make it a habit to spread the Gospel regularly. That can start as easily as sharing something God has taught you lately.

If you walk out these tips, you'll be amazed at how God will use you to advance His kingdom!

- Morgan Fulton

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