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We Don’t Always

Today, as I wake, my heart thinks of the Lord, my husband, my children, I need to feed my dogs, I’ve already got 3 texts to answer before I even get out of bed, what is my schedule looking like for the day, did I complete all that I needed to do yesterday, and then I realize...I get to just sit a bit. Sit a little while with Him. More days than not, I wake to a million things tugging at my mind, my heart and sometimes my body. Go there, feed this, answer that call, make this appointment. In all actuality, nothing is more important than my time to just sit. Everything changes while just sitting with the Father. 

My business seems to quiet, my heart seems to settle down, my thoughts get reduced to just Him, Every ounce of who I am is secure, saturated and expectant. I know without a doubt, He is there with me. 

There are some days that I don’t get it right, I don’t start where I am suppose to. The business of life can surely steal my thoughts, time and efforts. But today, I choose just to sit. Sit with Him and dream. Sit with Him and be loved. Sit with Him and have a conversation about it all. Today I choose to pray and have communion with Him. 

Here is a poem I wrote to encourage:

We don’t always....

We don’t always get it right 

We don’t .. sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just mess up. 

We don’t always try our hardest,

speak our kindest, love our fiercest.

We don’t always feel our strongest, think our wisest or act our toughest. 

We don’t always get to be first .

We don’t always win , we don’t always speak life. 

We don’t always understand. We don’t always care. We don’t always give. 

But there are those sometimes, just those sometimes when we make the right move. Sometimes, just sometimes we love with all we’ve got, answer with joy, use wisdom to speak. Sometimes, just sometimes we hear the right voice, acting in obedience. Sometimes, I know there are sometimes that we walk without fear, talk with confidence and say things to some who might listen. Sometimes, just sometimes, our weaknesses fade away. 

And it’s in those sometimes that the voice of the “we don’t always” is silent. Sometimes, just sometimes we know we are exactly who He made us to be. We don’t always seem to see what He sees. But today, I say, always, quite always, He’s willing to speak. Always, quite always, He can change our dont’s to sometimes and our sometimes to always.


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