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What Are You Thankful For?

The Holiday Season is underway and finally some cooler weather! There’s so much about the changes that comes with fall that prompts me to be more thankful.

These beautiful images are from the internet, because my Louisiana backyard remains one color - green! But I love it when I get to travel during the fall. I am always thankful when I get to experience God's artistry.

1 Ths. 5:18 says,

Give thanks in everything, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

I read once about an author that stopped in her tracks in the course of a busy day to give thanks for the beauty of cheese! It actually made me laugh - I'm pretty sure it never occurred to me to be specifically thankful for cheese...

But it also made me realize that perhaps I take a lot of things for granted.

Are we living intentionally, not taking our lives for granted when things are going well? And when times are harder, are we recognizing His presence and thanking Him that He is with us?

Maybe you already keep a Gratitude Journal – what a great practice! Studies have shown that benefits of keeping a Gratitude Journal include: lower stress, better sleep at night, and an increase in happiness.

Of course, a Gratitude Journal can be any notebook, paper, or list app on your phone. I'm torn between making a list on my phone and actually writing it on paper. If it's on my phone, I don't have to keep up with more paper and I'll always have it with me. But honestly, if it's out of sight, I'll forget. And there are so many pretty printables available to remind me...

Also, if you want some guiding questions, there are lots of free templates on the internet. If you want to browse, google: Gratitude Journal, images, free printable. So many styles to choose from...

Today I'm so thankful for my Louisiana Sisters!

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