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What's The Plan Stan?

It’s a new year! While I LOVE Christmas, a new year means a few super fun things for me – a new calendar, a new budget and a new plan. Realizing how much joy these things bring me also made me realize that I may officially be an adult. At 34, I guess it’s about time, right?

While some struggle to take decorations down, and truly find themselves let-down after the hype of the holidays, I bask in the newness of it all. What opportunity awaits us! It’s just like starting a new school year and all the joy that new school supplies bring. Come on, you’ve got to relate to that. Who doesn’t love a new pack of pens??

But, as Mike and I sat down to write resolutions this year, we wanted to make the plan plain. We wanted this year to be real steps – we wanted to dream, but we also wanted to give our dreams legs. So, like many of you, we broke it down. Three categories – FAITH, FAMILY and FINANCE. Yep, three F’s. (There’s a sermon outline for someone :) )

As we went through each category, we listed our end goal – the place we wanted to be at the end of 2019. Then, we made a plan of how to get there. Instead of just lofty dreams, we now had determined steps to make them realities.

I see this in scripture so many times… God didn’t just tell Noah to "build an ark”. He gave him the exact dimensions, materials to use and specification exactly as He needed them. When God instructed Joshua to have his army march around the wall of Jericho to see victory – He gave a plain plan: walk one lap around the wall for 6 days, on the seventh day, walk around, blow your trumpets and shout. At the pool of Bethesda, they waited knowing the waters had to stir and they had to get in them in order for their own miraculous healing to take place…Even in the miraculous, there was a plan. In every victory, there was instruction to achieve it.

What dream is in your heart? I encourage you – let it no longer be JUST that – a dream that ONE DAY will be achieved. This year, set a practical plan, look at YOUR FAITH, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR FINANCES and see how each of those will practically play a part in walking out the destiny God has set out for you. And maybe, get a new planner and pack of pens to rev up the excitement factor.

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