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What the Resurrection means to me

As I ponder the upcoming weeks to Resurrection Sunday, I can’t help but think of Jesus’ last days, all the things he spoke, the feelings he must have felt, the things he wished he could have said to his dear friends, etc.

One of the things I think of most is the LOVE that my Savior had for me and you....The writer of Hebrews says, ...for the joy set before him, he endured the cross....that joy was a relationship with each of us. I know He knew His purpose on this earth. That did not make it easy, comfortable, or enjoyable. BUT endurable. As Jesus asked the father, (in my words). “If you can take this from me, or if there is any other way for salvation and relationship to happen without me DYING, then let’s do it that way...

But LOVE....that is why He did it, LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE LOVE. LOVE

I really cannot say it enough. I am so grateful for His unfaiing, everlasting, unending love for each of us. Let’s take a few minutes to bask in His GREAT LOVE for us!!

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