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What Would You Give Up to Find Yourself?

Solitude by definition is a state or situation of being alone. The word alone can immediately bring about negative connotations, but being alone and being lonely are two entirely different places to be. To truly be in a place of solitude (alone) a person would have to remove all distractions and actually be present in the solitude. This is the place where a person can find out who they truly are.

January began with my iPhone breaking. Panic set in as I began to feel so distant from the world with no way to reach out and see what everyone else was doing. As the week progressed though, I kind of liked the time I had on my hands to do things. So, I went backwards in time to the stone age and got a flip phone with no texting capabilities nor smartness about it at all. Matter of fact when I did receive a random call (no one calls these days) it sounded as if they were in a deep deep hole. I gave up convenient communication and social media for 120 days and it opened my eyes.

I began to truly see the world and people — the good, the bad and the ugly. I began to have compassion in ways I never dreamed. I began to listen more and talk less (hard to believe I know)! I began to truly understand who God created me to be. What my purpose is and how to step into my destiny. Does that mean I understand it all? Absolutely NOT, but it does mean life is beautiful and has more meaning. It means I smile more and laugh more. It means I don’t need anyone to tell me what God thinks about me because I can hear Him myself. It means when days are hard I am reminded to sit down, remove myself from distractions and be ALONE. I find that music is my go to —really loud to drown out the silence and then talking out loud to God almost as loud as the music or if people are around, I pop in the earbuds and write God a letter. When the music stops and the silence comes, then peace floods my soul. What would you give up to find yourself?

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