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When Life Gives you Lemons.....

Most of you can finish that phrase, ‘make lemonade. ‘

I am grateful for the normal things in my life. I am a person of routine. The shelves in my living room have had the same curios on them for years, I change out pictures and candles, table decor seasonally, but move the furniture—never. Put more nails in the walls to rearrange pictures—no way. Once I have it like I want it , it is done.

You might think I am militant about my things being in order, and that is not true. We have guests frequently, not to mention the 3 little angels that visit often and rule the house while they are here. Things get messy, stuff gets spilled and glasses get broken. Life happens. It is how I respond to those things that helps me gauge my relationship with Christ and others.

When my tank is less than full, I can get cranky and irritated quickly, seem bothered by the extra work or even lose my temper over silly temporal things. Perspective is huge and time with Jesus letting HIs nature infiltrate mine is mandatory for me to be the best me.

Today, I have be slapped with a minor condition called vertigo that I experienced about 2 years ago for a few days. I have tons to do, errands to run, etc and I cannot even stand up without my head swimming , feel nauseated or like I’m about to pass out. I know it will pass but today was not the day for this to happen, I mean, really, I have so many things that need to get accomplished.

But as I sit and sometimes lay on this couch, God has other plans—— He is reminding me that I can do something as a couch potato. I am using my time to pray for others, Some that cannot get up when they want to, some that are in the fight of their life—physically, spiritually, emotionally or relationally. Some that need the prayer of another. So that is what I am doing

Sure I pray that I will return to normal. but in the meantime God has revealed to me a new sense of empathy for those that life has given lemons to. And I pray for them and the circumstances that surround their life. I do not need to know all the details, I know the ONE who knows it all and has the power to intervene exactly as they need. So do you

Cry out to Jesus, my sister, He is waiting for you....

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Kara, I pray that you are completely healed, in Jesus name! While, you are waiting, I thank you for praying for me! God Bless You!!

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