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Where my introverts at??

I am an introvert working in an extrovert world. Anyone else feel that way? My job is incredibly social and I'm surrounded by people so much of my life. Therefore my need for time alone and solitude feels even greater in order for me to recharge and be ready for the next round of people.

Often we look at solitude and think that only the introverts need that in their lives. I would beg to differ. I think the ways in which we recharge may or may not require solitude, but I think we all need some solitude in our lives for our ultimate health of relationship with God. Even the most extroverted of extroverts needs it too.

It would behoove us all to take some time out of our week to unplug and set the entire world aside except for Jesus. That's what solitude does. It pushes the entire world aside so that we are unable to focus on anything other than the Lord. Maybe it's only for thirty minutes, maybe it's a few hours, maybe even an entire weekend. But I think a time of solitude on a regular basis for each of us will produce more in our walks with the Lord than we may even realize.

Where can you carve out a few moments in your week to focus on nothing and no one but the Lord?

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