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Wisdom of a Child

Happy Saturday, Sisterhood!

Proverbs 13 has me on my tiptoes today. I love when God’s Word hits right where you need it to. It’s a good ouch! Just like muscles need to be stretched and resistance added to strengthen, so it is with applying God’s Word to our life.

The surprise theme of Proverbs 13?? Wisdom. Right from the beginning, vs 1 speaks about a wise child accepting a parent’s discipline. I don’t necessarily view this solely as pertaining to age. We can be this wise child accepting discipline from our Father. I’ve made a quick, not exhaustive, list of some of the characteristics of a wise person found in this chapter, followed by the rewards of wisdom:

A wise person…

• listens to discipline

• controls their tongue

• works hard

• takes advice

• respects a command

• thinks before they act

• accepts correction

• walks with the wise

• disciplines their children

Rewards of wisdom…

• have a long life

• prosper

• live without fear of threat

• life full of light and joy

• wealth

• avoid the snares of death

• succeed

• respected

• brings healing

• honored

• become wise

• blessings

• leave an inheritance

After reading all of that, who doesn’t desire to be a person of wisdom?? And because this is straight from God’s Word, heeding it shouldn’t be an issue right? Applying it to our heart isn’t so bad; it’s the applying it to our everyday life that’s the kicker 😊

If you know me, you’re probably waiting for the plot twist, so here it is: most of the time, God will use a person or an uncomfortable situation, to teach us wisdom. Phew! That’s not so painful; that is, unless it’s someone we don’t know well, or respect, or who hasn’t lived long enough to “have any experience”. What about someone who isn’t a Christian? What could we possibly learn from them? And what about situations that we find ourselves in that aren’t “our fault”? Or even worse, a church setting? Why is it that sometimes the absolute best places for us to be, often stretch our ideology about how God teaches us wisdom?

If you’re still reading along, exhale. I’m not planning on listing the penalties of being a person who lacks wisdom. Let’s go back to the child in verse 1. What makes this child wise is the understanding that they need correction and discipline. They have the desire to listen. There’s a posture that says no matter how old I get, I need wisdom in all things. And, I need it everyday. This is a teachable child.

Lord, help me to be wise. Let my heart always be postured to heed instruction. Thank you for being a good Father that delights in giving His children wisdom as we ask. Let my life bring honor to you Always.. And may my children’s inheritance be rich because of it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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Jul 14, 2019

So good, my friend ! Right on time 😘😘

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