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Woman Crush Wednesday

My woman crush Wednesday this week goes out to our very own Anabelle Treuil (she's so not gonna like a post about her....). If you ladies aren't familiar with Anabelle, she has been serving as an US Missionary in the state of Louisiana for over thirty years. She and her husband Eric currently serve as the State Directors for Chi Alpha.

The reason I'm talking about Anabelle today is that I truly believe she is a gift to our state and our Sisterhood. She is a woman that is a wealth of knowledge and resources. Seriously, have you read her posts on here? She's a wise woman that has collected and stockpiled so much information, wisdom, and resources through the years and is so willing to freely share it all with any who ask. I want to be that type of woman. The kind of woman who is always wanting to be the best version of myself, all the while being the woman that is willing to lend all I have and am to helping other ladies around me be their best as well.

Found a great blog or book or podcast that maybe doesn't currently fit where you are at the moment? Stash that sucker away so you can share it with someone when they need it. Hear of a great resource that you think a fellow friend could benefit from? Send it to them now! I can't tell you how many times I've been in a conversation with Anabelle and she has taken what I've told her about and sent it to someone she felt might want or need it right then and there. And the number of times she's done the same for me! Just the other day she sent me a link to a kid's devotional that I could look at for my nieces and nephews! Y'all! I want to be that kind of woman. The kind of woman who drinks deeply for herself and then willingly and excitedly draws water for others to drink as well. Let's all be those women! Let's all be like Anabelle Treuil!

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Anabelle T
Anabelle T
Mar 06, 2019


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