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Word to You, Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day Sisterhood!!

As I sit, cup of coffee beside me, the hum of the dishwasher and the sounds of chatter from my youngest daughter and granddaughter fill the air. The sounds of motherhood indeed!

I am reflecting on the countless women in my life who influenced me. Some related, like my mom and grandmothers; some by marriage, like my wonderful mother-in-law; some by relationship like my sisters in Christ. What is the common thread? They all have given of themselves in one way or another, sometimes sacrificially, giving life to me. This is motherhood.

If I had to choose a mom from the bible today who exemplifies this quality, it would be Naomi. I know—the book is named after Ruth, and rightfully so, but Naomi plays a larger-than-her life role in this story. Naomi had 2 sons that she’d do anything for in order to take care of. She traveled (with her husband) to Moab so that they would be provided for. As a widow, soon after, she raised them and they married 2 Moabite women, Ruth and Orpah. In that span of time, her sons died as well. She finds herself, taking care of these daughters-in-law. Once again, to provide care for her family, she decides to move back to Bethlehem. Not wanting to hinder their lives, she implores them to stay in Moab. Ruth, as we know, joins Naomi and Orpah walks off the pages of history. The bond by law now changes for Ruth and Naomi. It moves into deeper relationship. You see, while Naomi has suffered great loss, it doesn’t stop her from continuing to want better for someone else. In her grief, she still counsels Ruth. The story ends with Ruth marrying Boaz. But, that’s not the end, ladies. From this union, a great-grandson that would be king is born- King David.

I have to conclude that Naomi’s influence, her devotion to Jehovah, must have been so great that it spilled into every part of Ruth’s life. Why would Ruth choose to serve the one true God, when all her life she had plenty of gods to choose from? Why would she even have bothered to join Naomi on her trek to Bethlehem? Why would she be so devoted? Wrap your mind around this: from Naomi’s influence, a King was birthed. Royalty. A Kingdom was established on this earth because of Naomi.

Ladies, I challenge you to look around today. Look to the past- what woman/women have given life to you? Look in your present-who is it now? Look beyond and see- who are YOU giving life to? Some of you may be asking yourselves what is your purpose? Sisterhood, if you are actively engaged in speaking life into someone, you are mothering. Motherhood in its simplest and grandest form is giving life.

Today, we say thank you, to all of you who mother- whether it’s biological, by law or by relationship. May Kings and Kingdoms be birthed through you!! May THE Kingdom be expanded on this earth because of you. You matter and we NEED you!!

"You're greatest contribution to the Kingdom may not be something you do, but someone you raise." Andy Stanley

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