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Have you ever tried to be quiet while waiting for the Lord to speak? I know I have and my inner voice even talks when I don’t want it to! Words are so important. Parents and guardians move us through this life with words that help or words that hurt. Many times words stick to us like unwanted labels that call us things we don’t want to be named. Like bully’s that constantly speak and won’t be quiet. No matter how hard we try, words (even the ones we don’t want) shape us. They shape our actions, thoughts, abilities, sometimes even our inabilities. Words. That small 5 letter word has shaped humanity.

At times I have found it so hard to send them out and receive them well. Have you ever felt the same?

Some of our words come out and hit the greatest marks and strengthen those in need while some fall clearly short of anything that encourages. More so than not we hurt with our words the ones we love and cherish the most.

My heart hurts when I don’t have the words to speak, think or pray. Does yours? Today, I am grateful for the Word of God. The word that is sharper than any two edged sword, the one that can decipher the heart motive and thoughts.

In all of that I am grateful for Gods grace. His grace to know my heart and intent even when someone may receive my words improperly or I receive theirs outside of His heart. So, today as you walk out this life with the words that have shaped you, ask the Lord to cover them in His grace. Ask Him to help your words accomplish what He intends for them. Repent and try better next time for the words that fall void and on hurt hearts.

May God's grace lace your words with the blood of Jesus. Making everything He sends them out to do accomplish everything that He intends. Speaking words of life is what we are called to do. Sometimes we miss the mark. You can always use your words to heal and God can anoint them to bring restoration. That is the greatest thing about words. May God give you His grace and words to mend, heal, honor, bring order and authority to your life and all you come in contact with.

Oh my precious friends, speak life.

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