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Work Your System

I am a person that loves organization and systems. I am a firm believer that they can help make our lives more efficient and free us up to do the things we really love. It allows us to put our focus where it should be and where we want it to be rather than loosing our focus in tasks and details.

I feel like the best piece of advice that I can give on organization is: find your system and work it! When it comes to organization and time management not everyone is going to thrive and function with the same styles and systems. Maybe you're the gal that wants all calendars synced with you phone and Google and your watch and that's the best way for you to stay organized. Or maybe you're a paper planner kinda lady and you live and die by your planner. Or maybe you are a sticky note queen with colorful paper all over to remind you of what needs to happen. I think one way we can really struggle is when we look at someone else's system and feel like we have to be the same. Then we try to implement something that feels like more work than necessary and so everything suffers.

I myself am a paper planner kinda lady. I love a paper planner and being able to see my whole week at a time and able to scratch things off as they get done. For the times that I need to remember something and don't have my planner in front of me, I email myself from my phone and leave that email unread until I'm at my desk and able to get the note into my planner or just done in general. I'm sure this isn't a common system of organization but it absolutely works for me and so I work it!

When it comes to keeping my office and home organized I operate by the philosophy that everything has a home and everything wants to live in it's home. I try my hardest to always put things back in their home when I'm done with them. That way I don't have to spend a ton of time tidying my space very often. And when I'm looking for things I can find them because they are located where they are supposed to be.

I know organization and systems is not everyone's cup of tea. I get that my inner nerd comes out on this subject hardcore. But I also love that when good organization is in place, then it's easier for the main thing to be the main thing. It's easier to put my time and energy into the right things when I'm not bogged down in details or trying to keep things straight.

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