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Working Moms

I am two years into being a working mom and it has been interesting. My husband and I both work full time on campus with students. This means that we never just leave and separate ourselves from the community and we are living life with our students. This is a little different than the traditional working mom who works a 9-5 job, but they both have their challenges.

One thing I have learned is to explain to my children that work is not a bad thing. We get to go to work to reach students on campus, a teacher gets to go to work to impact lives, and we all get to go to work to earn money to pay for our needs and help meet the needs of others. Work is a privilege and our children need to see us work hard and not live in despair or hatred of our jobs. We are creating a place for our children to see their mom work hard and help provide for the family and that is an honor.

A giant part of routine is communicating. If we are diligent in communicating, our children will see the benefit of working hard and with a good attitude.

We must be the example of hard workers in our families, and set an example for what it looks like to do everything diligently and as unto the Lord.

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