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You were never asked to sacrifice that....

One of the great privileges that I have, in the area of ministry I work in, is that I get to help train the next generation of campus missionaries. I work very closely with the internship program that our ministry runs and I get to invest and pour into our up and coming missionaries.

One conversation that I am sure to have with our interns every year revolves around this statement: "you were never asked to sacrifice your relationship with God on the altar of ministry." I think too often we feel like as long as we are doing things with God, then it's ok if we aren't being with God. We almost feel like it's necessary or something to applaud if we weigh our lives and schedules down so heavy with things for God that we don't actually get to spend personal time with him.

Let me be as straight forward with you ladies as I am with our interns: it is not ok to forsake personal time with the Lord in the name of busyness for ministry or anything else for that matter. If we find ourselves in a place that we are too busy for time with God then we are simply too busy.

I once read a quote that said "we need to stop the glorification of busy." I couldn't agree more. We must stop finding our value in whether or not we are busy. We have to stop being Martha's and determine to get more Mary in our lives. Let's be the women that know the value of saying "no" so that we are able to say the right "yes." Let us be women that sit at the feet of Jesus and drink deeply in His presence.

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